Revised ‘Sandy Hook massacre a year ago: real or a false-flag hoax?’

Sandy Hook

(Revised 2/19/2018, this article shows the disappearance from the web of damning aerial videos from the scene that make it clear Sandy Hook was a state-sponsored hoax likely aimed at promoting prohibitive gun-control actions in the U.S. Youtube.com is the ...

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McQuaig concedes to Freeland for Toronto-Centre seat

Toronto bulletin

Frank Touby — Linda McQuaig has conceded victory for the hotly contested seat to rival Liberal Chrystia Freeland just after 11 p.m. on election day, Nov. 25. She says she feels proud of her campaign because it was about issues. ...

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Mammo the Clown: Councillors need blood tests for drugs

Old Town Toronto

Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti, a supporter of Mayor Rob Ford for the past few years, told Toronto city council that all councillors should be forced to submit to random and perhaps regular blood tests for illegal drugs. Earlier Mammoliti spoke to ...

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Harper rips off veterans and Fantino gets an unmerited bye

It’s a Remembrance Day recollection. The Harper scum in Ottawa have found a way to “save taxpayers’ dollars” in the words of fervent Tory lackey and drunken crackhead Rob Ford, who’s still our mayor as this goes to ‘net. Harper ...

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Is Rob Ford Toronto’s version of Egypt’s Mohamed Morsi?

Frank Touby — Rob Ford, in his pre-mayoral persona, seemed so perfectly suited to be the leader of the city. He sounded so informed and so on top of things, so reasoned in his views. I heard him a lot ...

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Corrupted Liberals wallow in cash from developers

Once again the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB), not city council, will make the final decision on the shape of the city. The significant issue it will rule on is the proposal by David Mirvish to build three towers between 70 ...

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Schools must make our kids informed about sex

I remember clearly when the topic of sex education was introduced to me in Grade 7. I was both curious and embarrassed. There I was, in a classroom with 24 other students, talking about the human reproductive system. The teacher—whom ...

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Harper’s free-trade giveaways threaten Canada’s freedoms

The term “free trade” seems so upright; so economically sensible. It presupposes a world where nations without certain geographic, demographic or geological attributes can parlay their advantages in other areas with countries that lack what they have. This video of ...

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11-year-old Jimmie finds a gun in an alley: A short story by Frank Touby

By Frank Touby  — Jimmie can hardly wait to show his newfound treasure to his closest friend. He’s excited as he beckons Suneet over. “Look what I found in the alley,” whispers 11-year-old Jimmie in a conspiratorial undertone as he ...

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