Revised ‘Sandy Hook massacre a year ago: real or a false-flag hoax?’

(Revised 2/19/2018, this article shows the disappearance from the web of damning aerial videos from the scene that make it clear Sandy Hook was a state-sponsored hoax likely aimed at promoting prohibitive gun-control actions in the U.S. is the censor, which means Youtube is untrustworthy.)

Frank Touby —

“False flag” describes situations where governments try to make a point, create a movement—or start a war—by framing another nation or group for a crime or provocative Sandy-Hook-Victims-FIincident.

It’s how the Viet Nam war was started when the U.S. shelled its own ship in the Gulf of Tonkin and blamed North Viet Nam so it had an excuse to go to war. History is full of false-flag events, often where a ship would raise another nation’s banner and commit an atrocious act to blame on the innocent country.

There is compelling evidence that the alleged massacres of kids at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut were similarly staged events and perhaps never happened. Dec. 12 is the first anniversary of the alleged Sandy Hook massacre.

As the U.S. wanes deeper into a dictatorial police state (e.g., Patriot Act, National Defense Authorization Act) it has a compulsion to take firearms away from its citizens. Josef Stalin did that before he massacred millions of Russians, many of them recently returned soldiers.

Sandy Hook is in a historic town famed for arms makers and arms enthusiasts. It would be an icon of firearms hazards if it were the scene of a massacre.

The administration of Pres. Barack Obama has been relentless in attempting to get Americans to give up their firearms. Just as Stalin did to his soldiers returning from service before he massacred millions of Russians, including those military veterans as first under the gun. He consolidated his rule. (“Stalin,” his nom de guerre means “man of steel.” His given name was Ioseb Besarionis dze Jugashvili.)

What makes the Sandy Hook “massacre” so suspicious, in addition to the cloak of utter silence the government has dropped over the event, is that so many unnatural and illegal moves were made by the authorities.

Using the cover of “privacy,” often the last resort of scoundrels, the authorities have refused to show the death certificates of the alleged young victims, but did finally release a list with, it’s claimed by some, the omission of a single young girl.

There were no ambulances on the scene and ambulances were kept a block away. There is a well-defined procedural law in Connecticut that requires a state-licensed physician to declare a person deceased.

Prior to that declaration, a litany of extensive resuscitative measures are required by law of emergency personnel and it wasn’t done.

Crowds of people on the site were seen swarming in, through and back out of the school building, providing an appearance of activity, seemingly accomplishing nothing.

No bodies were ever seen, no one was allowed inside the school and it has now been demolished by crews sworn to secrecy (under threat of government penalties) about anything they have seen while working there.

The raison d’être is to prevent pieces of Sandy Hook showing up on eBay for massacre fans to purchase. A shallow excuse. Workers on are sworn to secrecy under pain of arrest and prosecution about anything at all regarding the Sandy Hook school building they demolished.

Could it be they are prevented from saying they haven’t seen gouges in the walls from the many rounds (100 or so) said to have been fired in the school? How about the blood that should have been there? What if it wasn’t there? By state law, licensed experts are required to remove the blood. That wasn’t done, so presumably the blood-caked walls and floors would have been disturbingly and illegally present during the demolition.

Shortly after the Sandy Hook event, Conn. Gov. Dannel Malloy told a TV audience: “The lieutenant governor and I have been spoken to in an attempt that we might be prepared for something like this playing itself out in our state.”

Among the rather few ways an actor can reap a payday is to take a role as a “crisis actor.” They’re used in exercises to train emergency personnel in realistic settings how to handle various types of victims of various types of emergencies.

Some of the parents interviewed for TV seemed more like actors in a role, particularly one man identified as a victim’s father who is smiling and chatting just before being interviewed for TV news cameras. That tearless man, just before moving in front of TV cameras, which were already running, quite visibly seems to suddenly prepare himself to become a grieving father just prior to stepping up to the cameras. (I’ll show you that video shortly, which also shows a number of pro actors as Sandy Hook “parents.”)

Privacy law is the last resort of scoundrels, especially government scoundrels. And it has been cited, without any justification or validity, for the unusual silence about questions that ordinarily would be quickly answered in any other situation. But not to questions about the alleged Sandy Hook massacre.

“Allleged” is the key word. Because we have many reasons to suspect this was a false-flag operation—perhaps, but not necessarily, of the Obama administration—to bolster a call for extreme gun control in America.

The alleged shooter at Sandy Hook, Adam Lanza, is a mysterious youth who shows up in a high-school yearbook as a name but no picture. He might be a construct. There are few photos of the alleged Adam Lanza and they seem to have been Photoshopped. Some show him with blue eyes, at least one other is brown eyed.

One of the videos below is for photo geeks because it goes into technicalities of how Sandy Hook photos have been altered. Still, it’s interesting to watch even if you’re a digital photo-editing novice

The extraordinary lack of any connections between players in this drama and real-life activities makes it a doubtful tale that fuels the suspicious who are called “conspiracy theorists.” But does that label mean they’re wrong? Are there conspiracies?

Take a look at some of the Sandy Hook false-flag conspiracy-theory videos and see if you think they raise disturbing questions about those who rule, especially in the U.S., which is clearly a police state, and which many fear the Stephen Harper government would like to emulate.

I have sifted through many dozens of such videos and present a few that I think merit attention. No doubt there are others of equal merit, but there are so many available that duplicate each other except for the commentaries. I’ve selected short videos on various aspects of the alleged Sandy Hook hoax. Complicated as a conspiracy might be, there are only so many elements and no more.

There are several pro actors identified as Sandy Hook parents and at least one as a teacher.

The first video is the one showing an apparent actor getting into his role just prior to a TV interview:

Note that it has been pulled from Youtube

A strange feature of this event is the clear effort to make it appear as if something is actually happening by a fraudulent display of activity. That’s shown in this video as people on the site just flow in and out of the building to seemingly no purpose other than to look as if something’s going on.

Note that it has been pulled from Youtube

In this video one of the walkers is showing changing clothes a bit, seemingly to present another image to the scene of what appears to be pretend activity:

Note that it has been pulled from Youtube

For photo buffs, this video is at an expert level in photo error level analysis showing, it claims, Victoria Soto’s Class photo is a Photoshopped fraud:

Note that it has been pulled from Youtube

The mystery of who Adam Lanza is or was, if at all, is explored in this look at his photos:

Note that it has been pulled from Youtube

Finally, if you’re interested in viewing a lengthy video that outlines the above and other discrepancies in the Sandy Hook story, this video is a strong representation of the arguments that it is a false flag. A hoax, likely devised to effect a broad confiscation of firearms from Americans:

Note that it has been pulled from Youtube