Ontario and Canadian ‘cool foods’ website

CANADIANCOOLFOODS.COM creator Marnie Scott asks, “What’s in Your Kitchen?”  Here she shows examples of Product of Canada groceries she hopes to bring attention to through her website where she links site users and companies for free. She already has 2,700 ...

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Counting calories: Bad science, doesn’t work

After Ontario mandated calorie counting on restaurant menus, Freshii Inc., the Toronto-based salads-soups-and-wraps healthy-eating chain, balked. The chain’s motto is “count nutrients, not calories.” But the calorie police moved in and forced the company to post the calorie counts on ...

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Generation X: the lost food generation

Generation Xers don’t cook. They never acquired the skills. Most of this group (born between 1965 and 1976) grew up when food was essentially an afterthought.gen x Different generations have different relationships with food and cooking. Recent studies show that ...

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All our food has been modified by humans

The world of food marketing is full of deception. The truth is there is very little that’s “natural” about our food, but that doesn’t make it dangerous.modified food “All natural” is a food marketer’s delight. Customers love it, the words ...

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