What is meant when we say God is Holy?

“Something that is holy is set apart as something special,” says Jennifer, 11. “The Israelites took all their gold earrings and jewelry and things like that and made them into a golden calf. Moses was on Mount Sinai so he ...

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How powerful Is God?

“God is so powerful he could break this school in two,” says Kyle, 6. It sounds like it’s a tough day at school, Kyle. “God is so powerful he can be the best pilot in the Navy,” says Zach, 7. ...

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CIJA Launches LGBTQ+ advisory council

The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) has the established an LGBTQ+ Advisory Council. CIJA Chair David J. Cape issued the following statement: “Our LGBTQ+ family and friends are an integral part of the Jewish people and Canadian society ...

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What will Jesus do when he returns?

Jesus returns

When Jesus returns, “He will mend the broken and create a new Heaven and a new Earth,” says Colin, 12. “He will raise the dead from the grave and will take all those who believe in him to eternal paradise.”  In ...

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