Counting calories: Bad science, doesn’t work

After Ontario mandated calorie counting on restaurant menus, Freshii Inc., the Toronto-based salads-soups-and-wraps healthy-eating chain, balked. The chain’s motto is “count nutrients, not calories.” But the calorie police moved in and forced the company to post the calorie counts on ...

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What Australia can teach us on health care

A recent conference in Toronto addressed whether Australia has anything to teach Canada about how Canadian medicare might evolve. It’s a useful question to explore. Australia and Canada share many characteristics, but Canadians may not know that one of them ...

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Doctor-assisted suicide principles

“Death is inevitable. A bad death is not,” blares the headline of the April 29 edition of The Economist. The feature repeats the arguments why more palliative care is needed and why “honest and open conversations about dying should be ...

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Canada is a nation of wimps

I recently wrote that our ancestors endured great hardship when they landed in America. They hacked down forests and tried to survive in the new land. Now, they would roll over in their graves if they knew North Americans had ...

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