Disabled Ontarians examine Bill C-81

This is the AODA Alliance’s preliminary review of bill C-81, the proposed Accessible Canada Act, which the Trudeau Government introduced into Parliament for First Reading on June 20, 2018, just before it rose for the summer break. We commend the ...

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If this doesn’t happen, we’re all dead

What did I learn at my 68th medical reunion at The Harvard Medical School (HMS)? I learned, from an article written by Stephanie Dutchen, that my brilliant classmate, Melvin Glimcher, physician, engineer and professor, had created the myoelectric elbow. Dubbed ...

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Hormone replacement therapy and you

The year 2002 was a worrying year for women who were taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to combat troublesome menopausal symptoms.  Bold newspaper headlines reported that a study called The Women’s Health Initiative, conducted by the National Institute of Health, ...

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Do I look like an addict?

“But why must I give you a urine sample?” I asked the receptionist at the marijuana clinic. She replied, “Because we won’t see you without one, and each time you come back you must give us one. It’s to make ...

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Canadian-style health-care in danger?

U.S. style health care? Not for us. For-profit clinic CEO Brian Day has launched a lawsuit against Canada’s public health care system. If he wins, many Canadians won’t be able to afford health care and we will have to wait longer ...

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