Blackberry gets cool again with Motion

BlackBerry fans (I am one) rejoice! The stylish new BlackBerry Motion Smartphone puts BlackBerry-secure operations in a thin Android-powered handset that is as cool to operate as it is to look at. Then there’s the battery life: Up to 32 hours steady usage on a single charge is routine.

That’s right: This phone doesn’t run out of juice after a few hours’ heavy usage.

The Gadget Zone

Here’s the specs: The Motion comes with a 5.5″ touchscreen whose imagery is both colourful and crisply-defined. The 12 megapixel camera works well for stills and video, andthe sound quality from its downward-firing speaker is clear and intelligible; although you will want to plug in earbuds to listen to music. But it is the Motion’s range of security features and its 4,000mAh mega-battery that make it worthwhile; along with the fact that this Android device can use all those apps that were never available for the old BlackBerrys and their non-Android operating system.

Find out more about the BlackBerry Motion here.

— James Careless