Megan makes noise, Putin makes sense

An attempted assassination by NBC news poodle Megan Kelly quickly mired down in mock interrogation as she hammered the Russian leader with snide and unanswerable questions.

It was the major-media equivalent of a How often do you beat your wife and rape your children?-type of interrogation.

“We spent a total of two hours together on camera and it was respectful but it was combative and it was relentless in its pursuit of truth,” says Megan.

It was crap and the only “truth” revealed was the U.S. corporate warfare state needs more enemies to attack. See it for yourself.

But keep in mind why CIA-ruled major American media companies (there are only 6 of them, all related) wanted Americans to elect war-monger Hillary Clinton to the top office. She is all in favour of sustaining America’s ruling corporate giants: the few firms that produce weapons of war. They rule America. They own Hillary and the Democratic Party (and plenty of Republicans, too, of course).

American voters sensed that and turned thumbs down on the vicious harridan who chortled with glee after instituting the butt-rape/murder with a bayonet of Africa’s most advanced leader in the continent’s most advanced nation: Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi.

What an evil creature we Americans barely avoided in Hillary. Many of us held our noses and elected anyone but Hillary. We got The Donald. So be be it. Aside from a silly go-nowhere missile attack in Syria, he has kept the peace.(I was born in Jacksonville, grew up in Miami, was honourably discharged from the U.S. Army following what was then mandatory service, worked in Florida media and came to Canada in 1971).

Even to this day, having properly lost the presidency, Hillary is still a threat to world peace. Hillary just might try to run again, sustained by the ruling corporatocracy of zillionaire arms merchants.

War is America’s main game and aside from Syria, its corporate rulers are starving for action. They will feed, sooner or later. Unless Donald Trump becomes the peacemaker. It’s a glimmer of hope. He is a man of many surprises.

— Frank Touby