Hey Hillary! Here’s ‘What Happened’

The answer is as stark as the question mark in your dazed eyes. Aside from the plain fact that Clintons have caused enough pain, here it is:

We are disgusted and weary of the unscrupulous Clintons. Yes, that includes the “Big Dog” (your evil husband) and your own wicked self. (You also must include that spawn of questioned paternity whom you thrust on the world: Chelsea.)

Good riddance!

Practically nothing good has come from any of you. Instead it’s all for the greater benefit of the greedy Clintons’ selfish wealth schemes.

The voters have had a bellyful of Clinton and the inestimable harm he has produced.

Bill signed the reversal of the Glass-Steagall Act which prevented financial institutions from getting too big to fail and robbing us all. He further helped the fewer-than-1-percent get even richer and signed the Commodity Futures Modernization Act which legalized crooked over-the-counter derivatives.

The extreme harm and pain to America and Canada from those moves that pandered to financial elitists has been anguishing and continues to this moment.

Nothing good comes from the selfish Clintons.

That’s what happened, Hillary!

It suits you. It truly suits the world. Too bad it has taken so damned long to free us from your claws.

I would have preferred Bernie Sanders but the corrupt Democrats with the un-democratic super delegates kiboshed that.

So, like most rational American voters (I live in Toronto and vote in West Palm Beach), I had to take the least of the evils and voted for the unknown.

But since we’re not yet at war with Russia as Hillary seemed to advocate, it was the only sensible move. I voted Donald Trump and kept my fingers crossed. They still are.

After what that hideous woman did to the most enlightened and advanced state in Africa—Libya—and its brilliant, humane leader, Muammar Gaddafi who was raped with a bayonet before he died, I could see no choice. I voted for the unknown instead of the evil Hillary.

No doubt Hillary was influenced by Western bankers and oligarchs because Gaddafi was planning to initiate a gold-backed dinar. Bankers don’t want governments to issue money. That’s their scam. In Hillary’s evil mind, that was plenty of cause to have Gaddafi sodomized with a bayonet as he was tortured to death. She chortled before the camera: “We camewe sawhe died.” And so did the greatest hope for Africa. Then she giggled.

— Frank Touby