What is OPG really up to at Pickering?

In response to calls to close the aging Pickering Nuclear Station, our newly elected Premier, Doug Ford, defended keeping the plant running until “at least” 2024 while on the campaign trail. That phrase “at least” is very important because there ...

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10 more years of Pickering nuke hazard?

Does the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) care what you think about keeping the aging Pickering Nuclear Station running for another 10 years? Their actions strongly suggest they don’t. The CNSC has quietly arranged for hearings on the Pickering licence ...

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Megan makes noise, Putin makes sense

An attempted assassination by NBC news poodle Megan Kelly quickly mired down in mock interrogation as she hammered the Russian leader with snide and unanswerable questions. It was the major-media equivalent of a How often do you beat your wife ...

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