Baby name Albert would get highest real-world salary

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge might want to consider how the name they choose for the new Royal Baby could affect their offspring’s future earning potential, with Alberts and Arthurs earning the most, according to new research by job search-engine Adzuna.

The study, conducted in April 2018, analysed over 500,000 CVs of recent job-seekers using Adzuna’s ValueMyCV algorithm, to reveal the average earning potential of workers by first name. The study sought to identify the most practical moniker for the newest member of the royal family, from William Hill’s top predictions.

An analysis of the traditional royal names showed Albert ($81,215), Arthur ($72,990) and James ($68,510) were top of the charts for earning potential. Edward ($67,800) and Henry ($66,778) round out the top five princely possibilities.

By comparison, workers named Jack and Thomas are at the bottom of the royal wage pile with average potential earnings of just $53,405 and $59,599 respectively.

Had the fifth in line to the throne been a princess, Catherine ($53,768), Elizabeth ($53,595) and Alexandra ($52,562) could have been lucrative name choices. Princess Alice, on the other hand, would have seen the lowest earning potential of all her possible names, with an average pay of just $50,995.

For the royal baby’s eldest sibling, the real world earnings possibilities also look golden, with those named George earning an average of $67,060, more than his middle name Alexander would attract ($65,664) and significantly more than Louis ($58,232).

For sister Princess Charlotte though, using her middle names later in life might prove a lucrative choice, with those named Elizabeth earning $53,664, several thousand more than a Charlotte can command ($47,606).

Doug Monro, co-founder of job search engine Adzuna commented: “A baby Bertie would not only be a lovely tribute the legacy of great-grandfather King George VI but could also secure strong real-world earning potential for the 5th in line to the British throne. A less traditionally royal choice, like Jack, on the other hand, could lead to lower salary possibilities further down the line.”

Table 1: Most Valuable Royal Baby Boy Names


Average Earning Potential





















Table 2: Most Valuable Royal Baby Girl Names


Average Earning Potential













Alice $50,995

— Lily Valentin