Sleazy Wynne Grits to monopolize pot

Don’t drop your pot dealer yet. The crooked, incompetent Kathleen Wynne Grits plan to cash in on making legal marijuana an Ontario monopoly to keep the graft flowing into Liberal purses. Just as they mismanage or distort practically every aspect ...

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Don’t put bike lanes on main streets

Bike lanes aren’t a 21th-century transportation solution if they’re placed on main streets. They become a politically correct obstruction to vital traffic flow in North America’s fourth largest working city. Further, bike lanes are for most a fair-weather option. Bike-users ...

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Charge smokers a deposit on filter tips

Filtered cigarette butts are a blight all over the city. Smokers are often and rightly castigated for irresponsible and polluting misbehaviour. Many smokers are oblivious to the nuisances they present in quenching their nicotine addictions. They flick away their butts ...

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