Ford is right on turning down cap-and-trade

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is doing taxpayers a great service by ending the greedy cap-and-trade scam (C&T) invented by bankers and, naturally, supported by the Kathleen Wynne Liberals who never saw a dollar they wouldn’t snatch away from you.

The fact that Pierre Trudeau’s silly boy Justin is also on side with this scam shows how foolish C&T is.

What C&T really does is create a securities-dealer marketplace that sells nothingness for cash. The “nothingness” is permission for corporations to sell petroleum products such as oil and gasoline. Currently there is no such permission required. You just buy your tank of gas, pay the applicable taxes at the pump and go on your way.

The C&T wrinkle brings in the “marketplace” which, in this case, involves investment dealers winning a new commissionable product. They can speculate on buying and selling the mere permission for consumers to buy and dealer to sell petroleum products.

Whenever you see the sacred right-wing words “the marketplace,” you know there will be exploitation of consumers.

Ford isn’t having any part of it.

— Frank Touby