Overpaid Toronto police

Toronto Police Accountability Bulletin No. 61, May 20, 2011 By John Sewell – In this issue: 1. The Toronto police collective agreement: missing the obvious 2. TPAC policing forum 3. The secret public meetings 4. The high cost of being ...

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3 very cool pieces of consumer tech

The Gadget Zone MP3 underwater, hybrid car, pet tracking By James Careless – MP3 players and water do not get along well, unless you have a Grace Digital Audio Eco Extreme waterproof case. This case comes with a built-in waterproof ...

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Police require major overhaul

Toronto Police Accountability Bulletin No. 60, May 2011. In this issue: 1. Rethinking Toronto police: a public forum 2. The cost of paying suspended police officers 3. Strip search proposal at Board 4. Standing in the way of informed police ...

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