Globalization may be leading to the downfall of Canada

Free trade is another evil that is presented as wonderfully forward thinking and modern.

By Frank Touby –

Globalization is a terrible thing. It’s presented to us as a sign that the world is becoming more civilized, humane and democratic. But the reality is that the world is more open to tyranny as a result of globalization. Such a global tyranny is the most fearsome of all for common folk.

But for the wellborn and the well connected, all of whom operate behind corporate or institutional bulwarks, a firm claw on the worldwide masses ensures their own freedom to rampage with impunity (for those so inclined).

Free trade is another evil that is presented as wonderfully forward thinking and modern. What’s more virtuous sounding than freeing up trade so that all in this great big world can benefit from their creativity and productivity?

Free trade with Mexico and the U.S. shipped our factories south of both those borders to where wages are poorer and regulations more malleable by big business. Our good jobs were exported. Now there’s talk of free trade with low-wage India, where high-tech operations and call centres now suck out Canadian jobs for companies like Bell Canada (which also hires off-shore Filipinos to handle account queries).

Free trade enables a slave nation like China to produce so cheaply that it’s more economical for foreign companies to burn expensive, polluting fuel shipping parts and products around the world than to make them locally.

What’s needed is a strong Canadian border of the mind. A tax structure that doesn’t reward pollution in foreign nations would ensure our jobs without such banker-scams as derivative carbon credits. Countervailing tariffs against products from nations that discriminate against Canadian exports is just common sense and fair play.

And penalize companies operating here that hire foreign call centres or foreign companies to perform tasks—like website design—that can be done in Canada.