Viewpoint: More bunkum from Joe Volpe

Liberal hack makes up statistics to support pork barrel port authority Joe Volpe, Liberal MP and avid Toronto Port Authority supporter, omitted some important facts in parliament yesterday. In a debate on amendments to the Canada Marine Act, he stated: ...

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Viewpoint: Where garbage reigns supreme

By Eva Curlanis-Bart – A city aspiring to “world class” should be able to deliver on key services under its municipal charter–efficient municipal infrastructure, safe and secure streets, attractive business and residential tax rates. Downtown residents, however, are inundated with ...

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Idiots! Idiots! Idiots!

Yes, we’re talking Toronto city council By Frank Touby – These dysfunctional bozos now want to waste scarce transit funds to decorate subway stations. Their monumental stupidity in pushing for outrageously pricey and inefficient streetcars—a boon only to the concrete ...

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