It’s time to expropriate Big Pharma

Big Pharma shouldn’t exist. Pharmaceuticals are a health necessity that mustn’t be continued as business monopolies that are distorted, perverted and corrupted by the profit lusts of transnational corporations that operate outside of—and frequently in opposition to—the public interest.

Drug companies must be shut down and their corporate owners reimbursed (one time only) for those of their products that are truly effective as ameliorants or nostrums.

Health is a public-policy matter, not one for businesses.

It is the profit motive that perverts some business activities away from providing products and solutions to merely padding the bottom lines on their spreadsheets.

That can be acceptable in areas where the public welfare isn’t at stake, but is entirely wrong where public wellbeing is affected.

Sadly, too many drugs are invented solely to differentiate them enough that they can be patented and thus monopolized by individual corporations.

It’s a despicable attitude that must be quelled.

  • Frank Touby