Expect a Ferris wheel on Toronto Island

A Ferris wheel ala London’s famed wheel is likely in the cards for Toronto Island. Unless he has changed his mind since brother Rob was Toronto’s mayor, new Ontario Premier Doug Ford would have a Ferris wheel erected on the Island.

In 2000, the day after his late brother Rob was elected, I, as editor of The Bulletin newspaper in Downtown Toronto, received a phone call from Doug. He wanted me to do an article about plopping a Ferris wheel on the Island. He pointed out the London wheel as an example of how wonderful the idea is.

Doug was definitely sold on the Ferris-wheel concept for the Island and I heard from him on the subject a few times afterward.

So don’t be surprised when the idea comes up again. Only this time our new Mayor Doug Ford has the personal clout to make it happen.

Expect a Ferris wheel on Toronto Island whether you want one or not. That is, unless Doug has changed his mind on the subject. He hasn’t called me lately. It’s not a terrible place to put a Ferris wheel. And they could sell sponsorship ads with fluorescent lights on the wheel that would be seen from the mainland. They could also plaster Toronto City Hall with billboards to help support taxpayers from the revenue. That’s Fordward thinking. Welcome back Fords to Toronto City Hall. The show must go on.

— Frank Touby

PS: I have to admit I liked it when Rob was Mayor of Toronto. It made things so much more entertaining at City Hall, where I attended frequently in my role as a journalist. I rarely get there nowadays (since they have established a professional PR department that provides such a good information flow to journalists). However, with a Ford back in the driver’s seat it might again be something to see. Oh, and expect to see Doug make a play for bringing an NFL football team to Toronto.