Which  Commandments is most important?

According to one email I received, the Fifth Commandment is “Humour thy father and mother.” Although humour may help at times, the word is “honour.” Alyssa, age 8, says honoring your parents is especially important “because if you don’t, it ...

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What does God enjoy most?

“God likes people because he made them on the last day,” says Sarah, age 6. I suppose Sarah’s idea is that God saved the best for last. “God enjoys us because we are quiet people,” says Kasey, 6. I wonder ...

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The Christmas Story’s 80th year

Start December with the true spirit of the holiday season: joy, open hearts, kindness, and hope – and a reminder of our shared humanity. Please join us for the 80th season of THE CHRISTMAS STORY,  playing December 8-24 at the historic Church Of the Holy Trinity, located ...

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