What does this mean: Jesus was full of grace and truth?

“If you had a bad day and had a time out, God would forgive you,” says Hayes, 6. Hayes, you’re thinking like me. You need a lot of grace for life’s truth timeouts. In Jesus, we see the perfect balance ...

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How are people like fields ready to harvest? (John 4:35-38)

Carey Kinsolving — “There is a really big group of people ready to be told about God,” says Marissa, 12. Learning to act like Jesus is learning how to think outside the box. It begins by seeing differently. Seeing people ...

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Why should we give thanks to God?

Carey Kinsolving — On Thanksgiving Day, families all over America sit down to dinner at the same time — halftime. “Thanksgiving has two good words,” says Hollie, age 9. “They are ‘thanks’ and ‘giving,’ and that’s what we need to ...

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