Review: Utsav is all good—tasty Indian food

I love Indian food: after seeing a film at the Varsity, I like to go for an authentic tasty Indian meal.

Utsav in Yorkville is one of the better restaurants. It’s small but the yellow walls are cheery and decorated with pictures—and the food is outstanding.

The Fish Tikka is outstanding. Large chunks of Salmon are marinated in tumeric and yogurt and then grilled. The fish is tender and so flavorful. The mint chutney added another level of satisfaction. This dish is listed as an appetizer but there were 5 large chunks. I often think of stopping by to pick up an order for a dinner at home. It is so tasty and filling. Two of us enjoyed this as an appetizer.

The Sag Paneer is better here than in other Indian restaurants. The creamy spinach puree is filled with large chunks of the paneer, Indian cheese. This dish is great with the Nan bread or over the Basmati Rice. We also enjoyed Aloo Gobi. Large pieces of potato and cauliflower were prepared with freshly ground spices and tomatoes. Everything was so delicious.

Vegetarians will always find something of delight. There are so many wonderful vegetarian dishes. Dal Makhni offers a black lentil specialty cooked with a medley of spices on a slow fire. Baigan Ka Bartha, offers roasted eggplant seasoned with herbs and spices and sautéed with onions. All the dishes are so flavorful and satisfying.

There are countless Chicken dishes prepared in a multitude of ways. Do you prefer Chicken Tikka or Chicken Masala? It is  your choice. Lamb Vindaloo or Lamb Korma will please those who crave a “lamb feast.”

We couldn’t finish all our food. My friend will enjoy it at lunch tomorrow. The food is always amazing. And while (of course_) you can take out to enjoy the food at home, I personally like the ambiance and enjoy eating in the restaurant.

The Lunch Menu offers very inexpensive specialties that include Salad, Basmati Rice and Nan Bread.

I noticed a lot of takeout on this evening. Why cook at home when you can enjoy such flavorful food prepared by Utsav chefs?

If you have room after all that tasty food you might want to indulge in Rasmalai, cheese balls cooked and flavored with sweetened condensed milk. Gulab Jamun and Kheer are two other Indian specialties to tempt the palate. It is all good.

Utsav: 69  Yorkville Ave., (416) 961-8349