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CANADIANCOOLFOODS.COM creator Marnie Scott asks, “What’s in Your Kitchen?”  Here she shows examples of Product of Canada groceries she hopes to bring attention to through her website where she links site users and companies for free. She already has 2,700 products from 330 companies across Canada. (Photo taken at Vita Health Fresh Market in Winnipeg)cool foods

63 Ontario companies already featured on CANADIANCOOLFOODS.COMcool foods

January 31, 2018 – Winnipeg – Canadian Cool Foods focuses on Product of Canada

Marnie Scott is passionate about supporting Canadian industry and created this unique and independent website to provide a free service for anyone interested in finding or listing, Product of Canada foods, beverages and ingredients. She welcomes all new product and company suggestions.cool foodscool

Sixty-three Ontario Food and Beverage companies and 612 of their Product of Canada products are already featured on the CANADIANCOOLFOODS.COM website.

Scott tells us, “More Canadian consumers, restauranteurs, retailers, wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers are looking for truly Canadian ingredients, foods and beverages. This is what Product of Canada (POC) is 98%+ Canadian grown ingredients, Canadian labour and processing. These products are in a class by themselves and should be identified, promoted and celebrated across Canada.”

The Shopping List currently has over 2,700 products from 330 companies across Canada. Each company and listing is given the same space and treatment from the artisan organic goat cheese to the grocery chain’s private label frozen cranberries.    

The idea is not an online grocery store but rather an information platform which links the products in the Shopping List to the company’s own website, where site users can make informed purchase decisions or simply learn more about the Canadian company and their products.  As a free service to all companies and site users – everyone benefits!

She knows she’s doing the right thing when she receives unsolicited comments from companies like: ‘Thanks for contacting us. I really appreciate that you are promoting Canadian food companies and educating Canadians,’ and ‘Thanks so much for including us in your website. This is a project long overdue and I am glad to see you tackling it.’

She is committed to making CANADIANCOOLFOODS.COM a household name.  “We listen to our users and are adding new features and functionality to the site to meet their needs.  We are now developing an app for users to upload their recipes that use 100% Product of Canada ingredients, and we have a fun feature in the works called, ‘What’s in Your Kitchen’.”

Scott asks Ontario, “Do you recognize and use your local, regional or provincial products?”

Sixty-three Ontario Companies Already Featured on CANADIANCOOLFOODS.COM   Check them out!
Annanda Chaga Collingwood Clovermead Aylmer
Arctic Gardens Bonduelle Hilray Whole Grains Thorndale
Belle Grove Mushrooms Campbellville Great Lakes Goat Dairy Wyoming
Blue Goose Pure Foods Toronto Brule Creek Farms Kakabeka Falls
Blueberry Hill Estates St. Williams Ontario Water Buffalo Co. Stirling
Burnbrae Farms Limited Lyn Board’s Northern Nectars Nipissing
Dutchman’s Gold Carlisle Slate River Dairy Neebing
Thornloe Cheese Thornloe Burke’s Honey Ltd. Omemee
Front Road Market St. Williams Wellesley Brand Apple Products Wellesley
Grainstorm Heritage Baking Toronto Black River Juice Company Mississauga
Green Table Foods Guelph Filsinger’s Organic Foods Ayton
Grimo Nut Nursery Niagara-On-The-Lake The Garlic Box Hensall
Hockley Valley Whole Foods Orangeville Hockley Valley Honey Farm Mono
Jamestown Mills Aylmer Uncle Bob’s Ontario Popcorn Co. Walsingham
Kricklewood Farm Frankville Martin’s Family Fruit Farm Waterloo
Mornington Dairy Co-op Orangville Voisin’s Maple Products Ltd. Formosa
Oak Manor Farms Tavistock Best BAA Dairy Limited Fergus
Organic Meadow Guelph Greenbelt Microgreens Stouffville
Pristine Gourmet Waterford Canada’s Own  
Quality Sheep Milk Salford Against the Grain Farms of Winchester Mountain
The Algonquin Tea Co.   Pinehedge Farms St. Eugene
Thunder Oak Cheese Farm Neebing Royal Jubilee Ginseng Scarborough
The Alliston Creamery & Dairy Ltd. Alliston Vineland Growers Co-operative Jordan Station
Jewels Under the Kilt   Canadian Vita Ginseng Waterloo
Harmony Organic Dairy   Mettrum Originals Springwater
Yorkshire Valley Farms Peterborough Bone Brewhouse Kitchener
Rolling Meadow Dairy   1847 Stone Milling Fergus
Everspring Farms Ilderton Arva Flour Mills Arva
MacKellar Farms Alvinston Cookstown Greens Essa Township
Jakeman’s Maple Products Beachville Venetian Meat & Salami Co. Ltd. Hamilton
Wholly Veggie Toronto Cookstown Greens Essa Township
Sunshine Farms Thamesville    
We encourage your suggestions on new companies and products to add. Inquiries about how to become a Supporter are welcomed. You can reach us directly at contact@CANADIANCOOLFOODS.COM.

“The more we know about what we grow, forage and fish for across this great land – the better for everyone! Not only are the majority of these products, single or limited ingredient foods which nutritionists say are healthier for you, but buying Canadian is an easy way to support the economy and health of Agricultural, Agribusiness, Agri-Food, Fishing and Foraging companies across Canada and right here in Ontario. ”

Scott says, “Now that we’ve created the Shopping List, it’s easy for you to Canadianize your grocery list, menus, meals, recipes, and even your garden, with Canadian grown heirloom vegetable seeds!”

Although not all products are currently available across Canada at this time, as knowledge and demand grows, so too will supply and availability.

Scott has now created a Supporters page to generate revenue and in-kind contributions. She suggests, “The Food and Beverage industry touches all Canadians and many industrial sectors. When you support CANADIANCOOLFOODS.COM you are supporting and promoting the Canadian economy and every company on the website, including your own!”

LuckNow Products – Helm Welding (1983) Limited of Lucknow, Ontario is our first Ontario Supporter. As a manufacturer located in rural agricultural Canada, we believe in supporting local agricultural initiatives such as CANADIANCOOLFOODS.COM. LuckNow Products are simple to operate, high quality, affordable, low maintenance, durable equipment for the agriculture industry. Products include horizontal and vertical mixers, snow blowers, material handlers, bale processors, green machine – poultry mortality composter, bio compost mixers, rotary mowers and rotary tillers. Products are sold throughout Canada, with exports to the U.S., Mexico, Europe, South America and Japan.

Scott encourages you to share the site with others, and welcomes your suggestions on new companies and products to add to the Shopping List or inquiries about how to become a Supporter. You can reach her directly at contact@CANADIANCOOLFOODS.COM.

To close, Scott asks, “So… What’s in Your Kitchen?”

Marnie Scott is President of CanadianCoolFoods.com at 204-897-8144