The financial burden of cancer

There is a significant financial burden to having cancer. Many Canadians incorrectly assume their cancer care costs are covered by provincial healthcare plans, and therefore, are unprepared for the struggle. Some dip into their savings, others turn to family, many ...

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Swimming in 20 gallons of pee!

Have you ever wondered what you’re swimming in when someone invites you to a pool party? I’ve always found it hard to turn down these weekend soirees. The weather is usually good, you enjoy cocktails talking to friends, and then ...

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Dammit! I was born too soon

Is it an impossible dream to find Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth—longevity? No! I’ve just attended my 67th reunion at The Harvard Medical School (HMS) and, while interviewing Dr. George Church, I discovered it is no longer science fiction. ...

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What are you doing to grandma?

Is Grandma’s doctor slowly harming her by over medication? I’m being facetious here, as no doctor wants to injure patients. But remember, today is not the horse-and-buggy era of medical practice. Today, rushed doctor visits and potent drugs can be ...

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Counting calories: Bad science, doesn’t work

After Ontario mandated calorie counting on restaurant menus, Freshii Inc., the Toronto-based salads-soups-and-wraps healthy-eating chain, balked. The chain’s motto is “count nutrients, not calories.” But the calorie police moved in and forced the company to post the calorie counts on ...

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