We’ve become a nation of wimps

What’s wrong with North Americans? Plenty! Long ago, Immigrants landed on our hostile shores. They had no shelter, food or medical care. They hacked down forests and tried to survive. Many didn’t. They developed colds and sore backs. But they ...

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Make better health-care choices

Each year, at least one million unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures are done in Canadian health-care settings. This means that hundreds of thousands of Canadians are exposed to potential harm by unnecessary choices Unnecessary care could be a prescription ...

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Ontario ignores developmental disabilities

RE: Developmental disabilities—With the recent federal commitment to increase mental health funding across Canada, we need to turn our attention toward a group of individuals who are invisible within Canada’s mental health system—a group that has some of the greatest ...

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Stone cold truth: Marijuana clouds reality

There is something quasi quaint about the federal government introducing legislation to legalize marijuana.pot hallucinations News reporting on the budding bill has generously employed terrible puns to create a sense of giggling excitement about it. A Canadian Press story advised ...

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Emergency care wait: How long is too long?

Canada’s emergency departments are very busy. Every year, Canadians make about 16 million visits to emergency rooms and more than one million Canadians are admitted to hospital through emergency departments. Given how complex it is to assess, treat and admit ...

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Caregivers need more support

Organizations advocating for family caregivers are applauding Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent statement in recognition of family caregivers on National Carers Day. I’m less celebratory. In Manitoba, Caregiver Recognition Day is enshrined in legislation. Groups in Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador, ...

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