Ottawa enriches slowpoke Xplornet ISP monopoly

Brooke DeCosta Young —

For rural Canadians, being ripped off by Xplornet is the price they pay for trying to use the most expensive, undependable monopoly Internet connection in North America.

Canada’s Leaders Keep Obsolete “5 Mbps” Standard in Place, Just So they Can Legitimize the Overstating of National Internet Connectivity Statistics. And Legitimize “Connecting Canadians” Funding going to Obsolete ISP Technology such as Xplornet. This Charade will allow National Connectivity Target Projections to be maintained – Even though those Targets Are so Woefully Substandard it is nothing short of criminal. And that means substandard now – let alone by the implementation date of 2017 – Canada’s 150 anniversary.Xplornet

These are the kinds of Absurd Antics that Can Go On in Ottawa, When there is no Oversight whatsoever by the National Media, Professional Consumer Advocates, or any others, on behalf of Canadian Citizens. It’s about watching our leaders blatantly, and intentionally handicapping our nation, and standing by, while they get away with it. It’s easy to say 100% of Canadians have access to “Broadband” Internet when you allow the definition of Broadband to stay at such antiquated levels. But it’s also intentionally handicapping the nation’s prospects for economic growth and prosperity – with a disproportionate amount of the disadvantage being placed on Rural Canada. It’s an absurd price for Citizens to pay for the Rackets going on in Ottawa !

(Macleans wrote this in 2011 about Xplornet:

Governor of Maine Officially Adopts

10 Mbps Symmetric Internet Connections for Rural Maine.

Acknowledging Upload Speed is Just as Important as Download Speed

LePage Connect ME. Letter

Contrast that with this:

Canada’s Leadership is Stubbornly and Idiotically hanging on to a 5 Mbps download Speed

with not even a mention of the “just as important” Upload Speed.

Maine Highlites How Canada’s Low Standard Just Handicaps Nation in Times of Exponential Broadband Consumption

Will that help Rural Canadian Homes and Businesses fully participate in the Modern Internet ?

And Our Leaders Still Promote Xplornet as the best hope for Rural Internet?

With an Upload Speed of Less Than 1 Mbps !

Correct Us If We’re Wrong —

But Doesn’t that put Canada Behind Maine when it comes to Rural Internet?

Do you still need to ask if we have a World Class System Mr. Blais?

Mr. Moore, If Canadian Policy isn’t Prolonging the Rural Digital Divide,

and Handicapping Rural Canadians, then what do you call it?

Why Won’t Media Report On Some of These Glaring Missteps by Our Leaders?

It should be noted that Governor LePage’s Letter was written in December of 2014 before the new FCC standard of 25 Mbps-down. Otherwise he probably would have adopted the new 25 mbps standard. On the other hand, as a practical matter the 10/10 definition is more powerful than the FCC’s 25/3 standard, because it excludes many legacy technologies outright, notably DSL and Satellite/Wireless. These systems will never be able to deliver on the all important up speeds.

The important thing to understand is that The Governor gets it. He understands that a quality, capable, and affordable internet, with equally robust upload speeds is essential for Rural Maine to participate in the modern internet. Our Leaders don’t get it yet. And they’re too stubborn to admit it. As demonstrated by their actions. Still standing by 5 Mbps and Xplornet as acceptable standards when clearly they are out-dated, obsolete, and completely incapable of supporting the modern internet now, let alone tomorrow.

Xplornet’s most recent rendition – their much heralded 4G LTE, with it’s biggest package advertised (but never delivered) download speed of 25 Mbps – that questionably new technology only advertises a chronically insufficient upload speed of 1 Mbps. And word on the street is that that has never been delivered as promised.

In fact most who get internet through the new 4G LTE, opt for the “Up to 10 Mbps” package for $114 per month. The average download speed they get is around 3 Mbps and the upload speed is well under 1 Mbps. This is Barbaric Corporate Feudalism. How Canada’s Government, Regulator, and Professional Consumer Advocates allow it to continue is nothing short of criminal?

So again, at a time when the Governor of Maine understands the reality of modern internet well enough to officially support a minimum upload speed of 10 Mbps – the Canadian Government is still Wasting our Hard Earned Tax Dollars on Xplornet and its undelivered 1 Mbps upload speed.

(Also read this article by Frank Touby, editor/publisher of Toronto’s The Bulletin newspaper about Xplornet at his Lake Erie getaway in Port Colborne, Ont.)

Canada is so woefully behind the curve on Rural Internet Policy it is Properly Embarrassing.


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