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City pair arrested for TLG Contracting activities

The Toronto Police Service would like to make the public aware of two arrests in an ongoing Fraud investigation. It is alleged that:TLG Fraud – Michael Last was owner of a business now known as TLG Contracting Inc. – this ...

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Fear and despair: Greece’s national wealth is for sale

Prof. James Petras — Eight months will have passed since the election of Syriza on January 25 up to the snap elections in September. During that time Syriza’s leaders play-acted their ‘opposition to austerity’ and then knelt down in submission to the ...

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Ottawa enriches slowpoke Xplornet ISP monopoly

Brooke DeCosta Young — For rural Canadians, being ripped off by Xplornet is the price they pay for trying to use the most expensive, undependable monopoly Internet connection in North America. Canada’s Leaders Keep Obsolete “5 Mbps” Standard in Place, ...

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