Influence peddling! Is it a Liberal game?

How did this become a Liberal thing? Selling influence with their government seems so Tory and yet the egregious, bald-faced sale of access to office holders infects Liberals, festering in both Ottawa and Queen’s Park.

It’s so utterly corrupt that it takes real balls for Kathleen Wynne to openly promote meetings between business types who want to influence her government officials to have a sit-down with said officials for donations of $15,000 to the Ontario Liberal party.

Look away. Nothing happening here. Just sincere politicians of the Liberal stripe entertaining business types who have almost no reason to pay a bundle for a few minutes of chin time to understand how well the Liberals are doing things.

As for the prime minister, one must wonder whether certain of his skills reflect his parents in the wrong order. That he has perhaps primarily acquired his mother’s brainpower and his father’s arrogance. The latter is somewhat awkwardly displayed in a breathless delivery where the PM appears to be contemplating his next words in between gulps of air.

I would say more about this, but there doesn’t seem to be anything more there. Shallowness is what rules.

Skipping to a more entertaining and heart-stopping political possibility, we shift our view south of the 49th parallel to the elevation of Donald Trump to the White House.

The entertainment factor is built in by the very man himself. He’s a show unto himself. The heart-stopping potential takes several forms:

  1. It’s still possible that forces within the U.S. power structure who’ve been flummoxed by Trump’s unexpected electoral triumph might just take him out feet first. They did it to Kennedy. That seems very doable because the vice-president-elect Mike Pence is smart enough and pliable enough to go along with whomsoever appears to be running things, with or without Trump.
  2. It’s also possible that Trump may shock his critics and complainants by actually boosting the overall economy and not just the war-related industrial sector as the Democrats have done since Bill Clinton was entertaining pretty White House interns with his man toy.
  3. By détente with Russia instead of numb-skull threats and aggression, the world might become more peaceable and economies more advanced beyond selling ordnance which provides perpetual markets solely by being blown up, forcing its replacement.

Beyond this there are few lessons to learn. Trump’s unforeseen triumph just goes to show that bozos are in control nearly everywhere. And he might end up as the most revered of them if the CIA and various U.S. will leave him alone long enough for him to counter their corrupt rule.

Premier Wynne’s crooked sale of influence is spectacular solely because she thought she could just lie her way through the criticism.

Prime Minister Trudeau’s equally crooked copycat sale of influential face time with Cabinet and leading ministers is just as naïve as Wynne’s snafu-riddled reign.

— Frank Touby