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The anti-Assad gas caper

It was a clearly trumped-up (no relation, no pun) sarin scam to blame Syria’s Bashar Assad government for the alleged gas attack against Syrian civilians. There is a group of terrorists (known as “White helmets”) who are subject to U.S. ...

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Trump blows against Canada’s competitiveness


To the predictable howls of environmentalists, U.S. President Donald Trump has turned his pen on Barack Obama’s climate change policies—to the detriment of Canadians. Signing the Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth executive order (EO) while surrounded by coal miners, ...

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Influence peddling! Is it a Liberal game?

How did this become a Liberal thing? Selling influence with their government seems so Tory and yet the egregious, bald-faced sale of access to office holders infects Liberals, festering in both Ottawa and Queen’s Park. It’s so utterly corrupt that ...

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