One last word on Miley Cyrus

Paulette Huebert Touby — I just love Miley Cyrus. She’s such a fresh little thing. Perfectly shaped with a beautiful smile on a well-proportioned small face. Even through the antics of the MTV awards one can see a sweetness in ...

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Bouncing off the bottom

Robert Evans Wilson, Jr. — “You are going to die,” Burt told Valerie (not their names) after she said she wanted a divorce. The 26-year-old policeman lifted a rifle and pointed it at her face. “No. Please no!” begged Valerie. ...

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I dare you to read this

Robert Evans Wilson, Jr. — Recently, a reader wrote me to suggest that rather than trying to encourage someone, a better way to motivate them is to issue a challenge. So, I felt challenged to write about it. Whenever I ...

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