One last word on Miley Cyrus

Paulette Huebert Touby —

I just love Miley Cyrus. She’s such a fresh little thing. Perfectly shaped with a beautiful smile on a well-proportioned small face. Even through the antics of the MTV awards one can see a sweetness in her.

The thing about her performance at the MTV Awards show is not so much that it was suggestive, even vulgar, it’s simply that it was utterly artless.

As an appreciator of practically any form of dance from ballet to modern jazz to Martha Graham and striptease to hip hop I could not find any beauty in the MTV spectacle except for the freshness of Miley herself which, as youth don’t, she does not yet value.Twerk

As an aside one wonders what MTV—which seems to be trying to outdo itself every year—will do next: fornicate on stage? Then what? With an animal? With your mother? Just where is the ceiling on this?
One dearly hopes we are near—very near—to it.

Seductive dance shouldn’t really knock your eyeballs out of their sockets; rather your eyelids should lower to half mast and be drawn in by the subtle suggestion of what is yet to come.

Miley would do well to study Dita von Teese if she wants her performances to be lasting. Keep ‘em wanting more.

Anyway she is, as are so many show-biz people (especially the children of show biz people), living out her journey in public. Take a look at Jane Fonda’s life to see a glimpse of history, both America’s and Jane’s. We evolve, our values change, but in their cases the world watches. That performance is probably going to be quite cringe worthy in a few years (to her).

There are probably a million things that I did when I was 20 that I would not do now. Thank Heavens I didn’t do them on MTV.