Pierre’s silly son screws up all he surveys

Justin Trudeau seems to have inherited each of his parents’ worst features: Pierre’s arrogance and his mother Margaret’s brainpower.Trudeau arrogance

It appears the high-school-drama-teacher turned prime minister never had enough life experience to qualify as the leader of any nation. Or even of a business corporation.Trudeau arrogance

Still, his glitz engaged enough voters to land him wide eyed and ignorant into the Prime Minister’s office. And not just into the office, but into the very seat.Trudeau arrogance

His ignorance of things pertinent to the prime minister is stunning. And his instincts seem to be short circuited.Trudeau arrogance

His sense of entitlement and his chronic bad judgment make for scandals of selfishness and flashy misbehaviour and abuse of the public purse for his own pursuits.

Charming as he so often is, he’s just not right for the actual job of Prime Minister of Canada.

The nation, having endured enough of the Tories under Stephen Harper, made NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair seem like a logical and worthy replacement.

But Trudeau’s showy public persona damned Mulcair—and Canadians—to a federal government ruled over by an entitled dandy with spacey notions of how to rule.

And that’s where Canada finds itself today.

As I write this on 2/17/18, Pierre is off for a week on yet another family vacation barely disguised as a state visit, tootling around India’s elite tourist spots as an honoured guest.


An addendum on Feb. 22, 2018:

Now it’s clear that silly boy is just on a family vacation and has conducted no business that improves Canada whatsoever. The Liberals are bankrupt of leadership. As are Canadians.

— Frank Touby