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Ford is right on cap-and-trade

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is doing taxpayers a great service by ending the greedy cap-and-trade scam (C&T) invented by bankers and, naturally, supported by the Kathleen Wynne Liberals who never saw a dollar they wouldn’t snatch away from you. The ...

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Pierre’s silly son screws up all he surveys

Justin Trudeau seems to have inherited each of his parents’ worst features: Pierre’s arrogance and his mother Margaret’s brainpower.Trudeau arrogance It appears the high-school-drama-teacher turned prime minister never had enough life experience to qualify as the leader of any nation. ...

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Are Canadians learning to distrust Trudeau?

Are Liberal voters suffering buyer’s remorse? Is it even possible following Justin Trudeau’s fairy-tale victory just over a year ago? A young and exuberant man with an appealing platform, a charming wife and family, the prime minister made waves during the ...

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