Metrolinx will inspect your property ahead of Jarvis, Sherbourne construction

A draft of the letter that residents along the Metrolinx construction corridor will soon receive.

Old Town residents, especially in the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood, may soon receive a letter from OZA Inspections regarding precondition surveys being offered to properties adjacent to the Metrolinx construction corridor.

As part of Metrolinx’s Don Yard Expansion, explains Metrolinx community relations and issues specialist Michael Paolucci, “there will be upcoming work in the southern portion of the USRC between Jarvis and Sherbourne and between Parliament and the Don Yard. This work includes the construction of retaining walls, signal infrastructure relocations, a new drainage system and track re-alignment.”

For more information on this project and other work in the USRC, read here.

Paolucci adds that pre-condition inspections “will assess the exterior and interior condition of your property prior to our construction work. The survey includes photographs and videos of buildings and structures or portions of them that are determined to be in close proximity to construction. Pre-condition survey inspectors will not enter a property without approval from the homeowner and is completely optional.”

This information will be used only to reference the existing condition of your property, Paolucci confirms, “should any unexpected damage occur as a result of work done by our contractor.”

The time required to complete the survey varies, but typically takes about 30 minutes.  All information collected will be archived by third party inspectors and kept in strict confidence.