Garden District neighbours, students & cops involved


The team from 51 Division, Left to right Aisha, Nadia, Constable Lynne Robertson, Rasheed and Sara posing in front of the garden

Henry Y. Hong—

51 Division takes part in the Toronto Police Service Youth in Policing Initiative (YIPI) and this year the Division was assigned the 4 students named above for the summer program. The students are paid and work within various units. While at work the youths have the opportunity to see daily police operations from an internal perspective, interact with police officers on a personal level and gain hands on job experience. And they spent ½ day each week working in the George St. gardens throughout July and August.

Under the watchful eye of PC Lynne Robertson, and the guidance of Glen Simourd, GDRA’s Gardens Coordinator, these volunteer gardeners learn and do whatever is necessary to keep the gardens beautiful. They weed, water, deadhead, transplant as necessary. They’ve done a magnificent job all summer.

This summer we were very fortunate to have neighbour Danny Garbutt working in the gardens. Danny knows what needs to be done and just does it. He pops over to the gardens daily (mostly by 6AM) and has been a real “power house” in keeping our gardens beautiful all spring and summer.

Something to think about as members of the Garden District: gardening teaches us (particularly our young) the value of planting, preparation, taking care and nurturing.  It teaches us about the interrelationships and interdependence of all creation.  We are part it of it all.  Enjoy the company!

Gardens, not only teach—gardens comfort, gardens make us grow. By caring for plants we become caregivers.  As we become good stewards of our little corners of the world, we grow in confidence in our abilities.  Take pride in that. Each of us is given a land to toil, a garden to tend, be it large or small or in-between.  Take care of it—and the whole world turns … bright.

And remember: flowers and plants are love letters from the earth.  enjoy and savour them like great poetry.

The GDRA salutes and thanks, Lynne, Nadia, Aisha, Sara, Rasheed and Danny for all their outstanding support.  It is folks like you who help make The Garden District, our neighbourhood one to be proud of.