Dr. Gifford-Jones celebrates 60 years of marriage

Harbourfront resident Ken Walker and wife Susan celebrate their 61st wedding anniversary. Ken’s pen name for his internationally syndicated medical column is Dr.W. Gifford-Jones, MD.

For Editors,

I thought you might like to see Susan who has been my other editor for 60 years. The smartest thing I ever did was marry a smart Wellesley College graduate who majored in English who puts in the commas where I leave them out. We just celebrated our 61st wedding anniversary.

— Ken Walker

Editor’s Note:

Ken writes an internationally syndicated medical column under the pen name Dr. W. Gifford-Jones, MD. He and his wife Susan live in Toronto’s Harbourfront neighbourhood.

I think his readers will appreciate this delightful disclosure as much as his editors at The Bulletin (www.thebulletin.ca) do.

— Frank Touby