Gadget Zone: Lenovo Yoga Book is cool tech for winter blahs

Once again we hardy Canadians have survived another cold and snowy winter. What better way to reward our fortitude than by getting some cool consumer tech to play with?

The Lenovo Yoga Book is a super-thin laptop/tablet computer that you can also draw on. That’s right: The pressure-sensitive Halo smooth keyboard can be electronically replaced with a Create Pad surface, allowing you to draw or write directly on the Create Pad using the Lenovo Real Pen stylus.

The Real Pen detects 2,048 levels of pressure when you draw or write with it. This allows the computer to detect and display when you’re pressing the Real Pen hard or soft. The Yoga Book also comes with paper that you can overlay over the Halo keyboard; capturing, digitizing and recording your notes as you write them.

Add a 10.1″ IPS LED Touch Screen, a super-thin case and the option to use either the Android and Windows operating system, and the Lenovo Yoga Book is a very capable portable computer. More at


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James Careless is an experienced consumer tech reporter who has also written for the National Post and the Globe & Mail.

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