Celebrating volunteers across Canada National Volunteer Week 2016

Volunteers are one of the core driving forces in the nonprofit sector. Over 5 million volunteers across Ontario dedicate their time, energy, and skills to help the province’s nonprofit organizations achieve their missions. What distinguishes the nonprofit sector from the public and private sectors is that our organizations are led by community-based volunteer boards of directors who are passionate about the organizations they govern. From committees, to events, to communications, to the day-to-day operations and more – volunteers help run this sector.

At ONN, our policy work quite simply wouldn’t be possible without the strength of the volunteers in our network. We work to resolve our sector’s many complex issues by always having volunteers at the table.

For the ONN staff, volunteering is a big part of our personal identities. We are active volunteers, sitting on many boards and volunteer-run committees and projects. How do we make sure we don’t burn out? Our written HR policy allows the team to allocate dedicated time to volunteer with other nonprofit organizations.

Our organization, our network, our sector wouldn’t achieve the lofty goals we continually set out for ourselves without the strength of our volunteers. As we wrap up another National Volunteer Week, we want to celebrate the millions of volunteers across the province and across the country for who are following their passion to give back.