Wynne endangers us yet again

The media, NDP and Green Party are remarkably unaware of  what  should be their major election focus.
The Ontario government is committing an act that is essentially eco suicide.
The 100-year-old scientific research  facility in Angus, Ontario. (See link1  link2)  It’s the tree seed bank and nursery of Ontario . It provides millions of native seeds for reforestation and is being quickly and quietly ELIMINATED in favour of private interests.
Just so we understand the significance of this unfathomable act:
To liquidate the assets of the seed bank,  fire the scientists and technical expertise built over generations. That would
 essentially eliminate our capacity to restore the ecosystem of Ontario now and in the future.
It’s unconscionable and voters will want it  stopped. .
Please spread the news and make the politicians declare their stand on this
— Talia Erlich