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It’s time to expropriate Big Pharma

Big Pharma shouldn’t exist. Pharmaceuticals are a health necessity that mustn’t be continued as business monopolies that are distorted, perverted and corrupted by the profit lusts of transnational corporations that operate outside of—and frequently in opposition to—the public interest. Drug ...

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Megan makes noise, Putin makes sense

An attempted assassination by NBC news poodle Megan Kelly quickly mired down in mock interrogation as she hammered the Russian leader with snide and unanswerable questions. It was the major-media equivalent of a How often do you beat your wife ...

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Pierre’s silly son screws up all he surveys

Justin Trudeau seems to have inherited each of his parents’ worst features: Pierre’s arrogance and his mother Margaret’s brainpower.Trudeau arrogance It appears the high-school-drama-teacher turned prime minister never had enough life experience to qualify as the leader of any nation. ...

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Sleazy Wynne Grits to monopolize pot

Don’t drop your pot dealer yet. The crooked, incompetent Kathleen Wynne Grits plan to cash in on making legal marijuana an Ontario monopoly to keep the graft flowing into Liberal purses. Just as they mismanage or distort practically every aspect ...

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