After-hours homeless shelter overflows into St. Lawrence rec centre

Parents living in the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood are alarmed about reports that effective Dec. 14, space inside the local community centre will be used as an after-hours homeless shelter.
With only five days’ notice, moms and dads are hearing that the rec centre will be used “to house runover from St. Mary’s Church” from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m.

The overflow is projected to continue until March 2017.

“Parents, myself included, have some concerns understandably as to who these people are. Are they men or women and children?” one local mom demanded. “As with many shelters, once residents are placed outside they tend to loiter around the area.  The placement of this shelter is unacceptable as children are moving around between the [St. Lawrence Community Recreaction Centre] rec and Market Lane to the playground and all areas surrounding.”
“I personally have left two voice messages and sent an email to [Deputy Mayor] Pam McConnell’s office,” the mom reported. “Ultimately, we want more info and the chance to have our concerns addressed by council.”