Tech gadgets for the somewhat tech-savvy moms

James Careless —

Welcome to the Gadget Zone! Here are two great tech gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

Adoo Ear Buds

Adoo Ear Buds

Gold-tinted metal earbuds: That’s a decorative idea for Mother’s Day. RedGiant’s A00 Malleus is a rugged set of stereo earbuds cast from liquid metal.

The A00’s housing is cast from a special Zinc alloy formulated for maximum rigidity. Not only does this make the Malleus almost indestructible, but also ensures that the earbuds’ drivers produce the most detailed sound possible.


The A00 Malleus’ included custom fit kit creates over 500 different possible ear insert combinations. $39.99 here.

Portable Bluetooth-connected speaker: The Divoom ONBEAT-500 Bluetooth speaker is a sleek white unit; one that can accept audio via Bluetooth from an iPhone, iPad, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device.


Portable Bluetooth-connected speaker

The ONBEAT-500 offers superior acoustics plus a fashionable metal grill, high performance NdFeB speaker units, shock absorbing rubber pads, and proprietary passive radiators.

For Android users, the ONBEAT-500 also contains Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to easily tap-to-pair for instant Bluetooth connection. $99.99 here.