Adam Vaughan votes for Bill C-51 against wishes of Canadians

Dennis Bryson —

MP Adam Vaughan (L-Trinity Spadina) voted “yes” on Bill C-51. It doesn’t represent what Canadians want. It is reactionary policy to a few isolated incidences. I am 30 years old and this more than anything has gotten mine and my friends’ attention.

I will be volunteering with the NDP candidate in my riding for the federal election. I am not comfortable with secret court hearings, spying on citizens, even more power for CSIS with less oversight. I also want proportional representation of votes in parliament. The NDP and Green Party deserve more of a voice and it’s unfair that the people who vote for them are ignored.

I was told the Liberals would support the bill with amendments. The conservatives made none of the amendments, and the Liberals all voted “yes” anyway. I assume this is to position themselves in the federal election as wanting to make changes Harper refused to.

Frankly, I’m sick of the greed, corruption, and entitlement of these people… I want transparency. I want real accountability. I’m incredibly discouraged and embarrassed of the direction we just keep going.

I encourage each and every Canadian to learn more about our right to privacy at