Invite the public to your home cultural event Nov 20-27

Toronto’s Third Annual Festival of House Culture, Nov. 20-27, is a week of music, arts, workshops, conversations, fun, food, and community building, all in people’s homes, all over the city. The festival features a core of more than thirty in-home, public events specially curated by its programming committee. These will include performances by some of Toronto’s finest musical acts, presentations by local organizations and activist groups, workshops, film screenings, and more. Additionally, the public is encouraged to participate by creating events in their own homes, under the umbrella of, and with assistance from the festival. For more info please visit

The Festival of House Culture is brilliantly unique in that Torontonians are invited to bring the festivities into their own homes. “Anyone can create an event,” says festival co-founder Michael Holt. “These can be anything from a potluck dinner, clothing swap, or movie night, to a game meet, conversation on a particular topic, or sharing of art, music, or poetry. Your event can be open to the public or just for you and your friends. Make it free, or charge and entrance fee. No space is too small! The only requirement is a shared activity that brings folks together. Whatever you do, we will list it on our website, and if you wish, make it possible for interested people to get the details and attend.”

Why make House Culture?

  • The fun, warmth and togetherness that happen when folks gather in a home
  • The magic that occurs when people engage with arts and ideas in an intimate environment
  • The empowerment that comes through people creating their own culture
  • The community that’s built when folks meet their neighbours and bring hospitality back to the big city

How to get involved?

Just visit or contact us If you know what you want to do, we’ll list it beside all the other things people are doing across the city. If you’re not sure, we can help with ideas, give advice, and even send volunteers, artists, or performers to your event.

  • YOUR FRIENDS ONLY. We list your event description, but not your name, address or contact information. You invite your own friends privately.
  • YOUR STREET. Same as above, but you also invite your neighbours with signs or flyers.
  • RSVP FORWARD. We forward you messages from people interested in your event, without giving them your contact info.
  • RSVP DIRECT. We list an email address or phone number where interested people can contact you directly.
  • PUBLIC. We list your street address and people can attend on a walk-in, first-come-first-served basis.

The Festival of House Culture was founded in 2014 by Toronto musicians Michael Holt and Marcel Aucoin. Holt has organized more than 450 house concerts across Europe and North America and is writing a book on the effects of the sharing economy, DIY culture, and the localization movement on our relationship with music.