Corktown buildings win heritage designation ahead of redevelopment proposal

Dennis Hanagan—

Several early 1900 buildings on a block in Corktown are being slated for heritage designation. At the same time a developer wants to build on that same block.

The block is bounded by Queen, Ontario St., Richmond and McFarrens Ln.

“The development proposes to construct new buildings while retaining in whole or in part some of the existing early 20th century structures,” said a planning report to Toronto community council’s October meeting.

Council agreed with a staff recommendation to designate 78 and 90 Ontario St., 410 and 384 Richmond E. and 245 Queen E. under Part IV, Section 29 of the Ontario Heritage Act.

In a letter to community council from Aird & Berlis, acting on behalf of Richmond Residential Ltd. Paternership who owns the properties, council was asked to defer ruling on the designations.

Aird & Berlis said its client earlier this year submitted applications to amend the Official Plan and the zoning bylaw for the lands and is working with city staff on issues, including heritage.

The buildings up for designation are known as Hamilton Brewing Association Building, the Newell Building, Newell Building Annex, Dominion Envelope C. Building and the S. Price and Sons Dairy Building.

They contain “an important collection of industrial buildings that individually retain their integrity and contribute collectively to the historical character of the neighbourhood,” says a city report.