Harper’s TTP free-trade deal threatens all Canadians

Garden District

Jacques Desjardins — I am very concerned about the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), which is currently being negotiated without public input. Canadian government officials are working with those from 11 other nations to finalize the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). I am ...

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Revised ‘Sandy Hook massacre a year ago: real or a false-flag hoax?’

Sandy Hook

(Revised 2/19/2018, this article shows the disappearance from the web of damning aerial videos from the scene that make it clear Sandy Hook was a state-sponsored hoax likely aimed at promoting prohibitive gun-control actions in the U.S. is the ...

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There’s no human right to not die of thirst: Nestlé CEO

Nestle Chairman Peter

Angus Wong — Nestlé’s chairman has been caught on camera saying that water isn’t a human right, calling this view “extreme”. [The video in German with English subtitles is below] Instead, he wants water sold on the open market like ...

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Does Adobe think 10-year-olds are too stupid, or just rich?


This is an online conversation a parent of a precocious 10–year-0ld had with software giant Adobe. The parent is shown as “you” the Adobe rep is Nash: The website message: One moment please while we route your chat to a ...

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OPG nuke lunatics want another $183/yr from you

Angela Bischoff — Ontario Power Generation (OPG) wants to increase the rate it receives for power from its nuclear units by a whopping 30% next year. OPG is basically asking to dig into electricity ratepayer pockets at the rate of ...

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Libya almost imploding, oil Industry target of terror


 Nicola Nasse — [Global Research] More than two years on since the “revolution” of Feb. 2011, the security crisis is exacerbating by the day threatening Libya with an implosion charged with potential realistic risks to the geopolitical unity of the ...

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Outsourcing our jobs is a greater threat than terrorism

Paul Craig Roberts, PhD — [Global Research] Is offshore outsourcing good or harmful for (North) America? To convince Americans of outsourcing’s benefits, corporate out sourcers sponsor misleading one-sided “studies.” These same outsourcing outrages apply to Canada Only a small handful ...

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‘Bill Blair is the criminal in Rob Ford crack scandal’

Lawrence McCurry — Today the real story once again is the one the mainstream media is playing down. The brother of Mayor Rob Ford, Councillor Doug Ford called for the resignation of Police Chief Bill Blair. As stated in my ...

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There is a North American consumer revolution in wine

David White — “This democratization of wine is great,” asserted Jancis Robinson, one of the world’s leading wine authorities, over coffee one recent morning. Robinson was in Washington, D.C., to promote the seventh edition of The World Atlas of Wine, ...

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Do OPG lunatics plan to create Fukushima, Ontario?

Frank Touby — Overpaid lunatics at Ontario Power Generation (OPG) could be the death of everything on earth. OPG was created in 1999 by the disastrous provincial government of Mike Harris in a Tory plot to sell off the province’s ...

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