Berczy park reopens, but stay off the new grass

Much to everyone’s surprise, our park at last partially reopened on Friday, Dec. 2nd, enabling public access to the pathways, main plaza and the mural garden/on-leash pet area behind the Flatiron Bldg. Hurray!

The city notes that:

  • Some park features are yet to be installed, including more pet sculptures in and around the fountain, plus fountain lighting and paving.
  • Also to be installed in Spring 2017: a dramatic children’s play/art structure, designed by local artist Luis Jacob, will complete the currently-fenced off greenspace bordering Scott St.
  • All landscaped, grassy areas, will be fenced-off/off limits to the public until Spring 2017 to protect the newly laid sod and allow health roots to establish.
  • Temporary trash and recycling bins are in place, and more will be added around the park perimeter to help keep the park clean.
  • As a result, the City has postponed the park grand-opening celebration until the Spring, when all park features are in place, including additional moveable furniture around the fountain plaza.

Friends of Berczy Park ask you to:

  • Enjoy the new park, and share your comments and photos on our twitter feed @friendsofberczy and on our blog.
  • Spread the word about our lovely new park, and refer others to our blog for park updates and design information.
  • Help care for our park: Keep in clean and report any problems you see to Friends of Berczy Park or 3-11.
  • And, of special note to pet owners, please respect the fenced-off landscaped areas so the grass can settle. Make use of the gravel-surface, on-leash pet area/mural garden behind the Flatiron Bldg when nature calls your pet to the park.
  • Finally, watch for our Friends of Berczy Park’s park-user survey in early 2017, to help us get your feedback on the types of events and activities that may pop-up in Your Berczy Park next year.

We hope you enjoy the first phase of the Berczy Park re-opening, with great accessible walkways, ample seating and extensive lighting for safe nighttime use. Thanks for your patience during the lengthy park renovation process!

— Friends of Berczy Park Working Committee