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Green-bin pilot in some Toronto off-leash dog parks

From mid-May through fall of 2018,Toronto will be piloting a program to test the use and feasibility of providing Green Bins (organic waste such as dog poop) in dog off-leash areas in 20 parks. The parks (listed below) are spread ...

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Viewpoint: City Hall unleashes campaign against dog owners

Recently in the local news there were various reports of efforts by the City of Toronto to enforce off-leash bylaws which led to a lengthy discussion with my friends and neighbours, as our off-leash dogs chased balls or sniffed the ...

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Berczy park reopens, but stay off the new grass

Much to everyone’s surprise, our park at last partially reopened on Friday, Dec. 2nd, enabling public access to the pathways, main plaza and the mural garden/on-leash pet area behind the Flatiron Bldg. Hurray! The city notes that: Some park features ...

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