By Annabelle Goodman –

346 Eglinton Ave West
(416) 487 4506

This is the best deli in town. It has been a family institution since my children were young. We still like to meet there for our comfort treat. Just say ‘Matzah Ball Soup’ and we head off for a fix.

The meat is lean and the portions are ample. Service is with a smile.

My daughter-in-law is recuperating from a knee replacement. This is a long painful process. She needed a treat. This was just what the doctor ordered.

The Chicken Matzah Ball Soup brings back memories of my mother’s matzah balls. They are perfectly light and fluffy. The soup is flavorful. I order a large bowl with two matzah balls. Cabbage Borscht and the Soup of the Day (Pea Soup) are all $4.75 for a regular size bowl.

The Combination Sandwich is my son’s favorite. He loves Corned Beef and Chopped Liver.($13.95) My daughter-in-law totally enjoyed  her treat of a Corned Beef Sandwich.($7.75) The sandwiches are available on rye bread, a kaiser roll or onion bun. We shared a Dill Pickle ($1.50) and also one of their delicious Potato Latke with apple sauce.($6.75)

The daily specials offer a choice of a tasty entrée. Poached Salmon is served with a chef salad and Dijon vinaigrette dressing.($11.95) The Honey Garlic Miami Ribs with French fries are a house specialty.($9.95)

The gentleman at the next table was enjoying the largest Cabbage Roll ($6.95) I have ever seen.

Many of the customers are regulars. The servers know them and they obviously know the menu well.

My mother used to love coming here for an outing of good food. Her favorite was the Gefilte Fish with horseradish.($7.25) My mother was a great cook and we all claim that Yitz’s is as good as her home cooking.

Inclusive dinners include soup, choice of two side dishes and a slice of fresh baked pie. Liver Lovers opt for the Braised Baby Beef Liver Steak with fried onions.($16.95)

Yitz’s is open 7 days a week from 10:00 am, to 9:00p.m. They do an amazing take out and offer catering. During the High Holidays the line up is extensive to pick up pre orders. There is a reason Yitz’s has been around for so many years. The food is guaranteed delicious. It is comfort food to soothe the soul and fill the stomach.

Make sure you check out the humidor cupboard. There is a fine selection of imported cigars.

Baking is prepared at the front of the shop. The aroma is tantalizing. The Double Chocolate Cookies are great. The Pies are homemade. Prepared foods are available at the front of the restaurant for take out.

I have been a regular customer for countless years and look forward to many more years of Yitz’s deli and home style food.