The Burger Cellar

By Annabelle Goodman –

The Burger Cellar
3391  Yonge St
647 345 0084

I love to explore and discover new restaurants. At the same time when something is superb I want to rediscover the pleasure again and again.

I remember well the first time I popped into this restaurant completely unaware. How could such a well designed elegant restaurant serve burgers? The availability of wine, superb service and scrumptious desserts all added to the experience. I have returned many times and I was ready for another visit.

My dining companion was doing a yoga class in the vicinity. I was to meet her for lunch. The puzzle pieces just fell into place.

Alan Voves is a future thinking creative man. He has taken this novel concept of gourmet hamburgers in a fine dining ambiance and made it a winning combination.

I don’t even have to look at the menu anymore. 

The Vegetarian Burger ($9.00) is enormous. The bread is of fine quality. Lettuce, tomato, goat cheese, onion and dill pickle grace the top of the enormous burger. An avocado salsa is dabbed on top. I could hardly close the top. The burger is prepared with roasted red peppers, grilled zucchini, red onions, baby spinach, pumpkin, cream cheese, chick peas and kidney beans

Don’t even venture into this place unless you are prepared to have the Sweet Potato Fries. ($5.00) There is nothing like them Dip them in wasabi aioli and you will be rolling your eyes with delight. I never eat fries anywhere else. I never come here without eating these scrumptious fries.

My dining companion felt virtuous after her yoga class and indulged in a Turkey Burger. ($11.00) Avocado and tomato relish crown the top. Fresh cut watercress and Gruyere cheese adds to the flavor.

The Original Classic Burger can be ordered in Black Angus,($8.00) Natural ($9.00) or Kobe beef. ($13.00)

The taste is soothing to the palate. The portions are enormous.

The service here has always been the most positive.  Our server, Barbara, had a smile on her face and was so willing to be helpful in any way. She helped make the experience totally positive.

Many salads are listed on the menu. One day I will come in and order the Asian Tuna Salad with seared rare ahi tuna, fresh watercress, daikon crunchy slaw, mixed greens and sesame with a rice wine vinaigrette.($15.00)

Burgers are the main feature but you are guaranteed a dining experience from the Off The Grill section of the menu. Atlantic Salmon is topped with a white wine lemon chive butter and served with Yukon gold roasted garlic mashed potatoes.($18.00) Steak Frites are a popular choice offering a grilled 10 oz. Ontario strip loin topped with red wine shallots, green peppercorn butter and served with hand cut French fries.($21.00)

I dare you to eat one of their delicious Chocolate Brownies after so much wonderful food.