El Pleybeyo

By Annabelle Goodman –

El Pleybeyo
1453 Bathurst St
416 532 5627

I just took a one evening trip to Peru. I have always wanted to go there. My good friends live in my former condo. I am so fortunate to keep in touch with this stimulating interesting couple. It was their choice to go Peruvian and I was only too happy to try this restaurant. I arrived early and was able to take in the ambiance. Paintings of Peru hang on the walls of this intimate charming restaurant. Peruvian music was playing. A large Spanish speaking family was enjoying wine and Peruvian food. I sat back and relaxed and pretended I was in Peru. I do confess to listening in to the conversation at that table.  I love the wonderful Spanish language and was trying to understand the conversation. The food at El Pleybeyo is authentic. It is family run. The wife is the chef and the husband manages the front of the restaurant. They were both so delightful. It was all a treat from beginning to end.

Two of us shared the Ensalada de Palta ($7.50) Avocado with onions, tomatoes, potatoes were enhanced with the special El Plebeyo dressing. It was so tasty and beautifully plated.

The Sopa Chilcano is a light fish broth with mussels and green onions.($5.95) It arrived in an enormous white bowl large enough for a family. It was flavorful and totally consumed.

We were tempted with the Beet Salad served with Spanish onions, olive oil, lemons and herbs.($7.95) I will save it for my next visit.

The two ladies opted for another appetizer because we were already full from our first course. My friend told me the Calamar a la Parilla was exquisite.($11.95) It was flavorful and very tender. The grilled calamari is served with a fresh green salad in balsamic reduction.

I ordered the Escebecche De Pescado ($11.95) Marinated fish is prepared in a delicate red wine and herb sauce. What a perfect meal! The gentleman in our group wanted something heartier. Our friendly manager suggested the Lomo Saltado O Lomo De Pollo.($17.95) Sauteed stir fried beef is prepared with onions, tomatoes and served with rice. Ternera Al Limono offers a gourmet delight of veal in lemon sauce with tiger shrimps and grilled vegetables.($19.95)

Tallarin Saltado de Mariscos is a gourmet special offering linguine with sautéed seafood combination of shrimp, mussels, calamari cooked in a white wine garlic sauce with olive oil and a touch of soya sauce.($24.95) Plato Plebeyo is a seafood delight of shrimp, grilled salmon in a light dill sauce with warm vegetables, julienne of sweet potatoes, black beans and saffron rice.($25.95)

There are many options in every category. It is prepared in a Peruvian style with much care and skill.

The presentation of each dish was a work of art. We shared a Crème Caramel for dessert. All three of us walked out feeling completed satiated and so delighted with the total evening. This was indeed a rare trip to Peru in just one evening.